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    SOA Test Suite

      I have a SOA Composite and I want to create some automated tests.

      My composite takes recieves a message then launches a BPEL.

      The BPEL will send a sync call to an Oracle Applications Adapter then depending on the response it will either
      A. Do nothing
      B. Send a fire and forget message to another composite.

      I want to create a test case to test option A where it will do nothing.
      I need to:

      1 Create an Initiate Message
      2 Create an assertion on the OA invoke to ensure the correct request is sent
      3 Create an emulation on the OA invoke to emulate the response and stop the OA Adapter being fired
      4. Create an assertion on the other composite invoke (It should not be fired at all)

      I also want to make sure that the other composite invoke is not fired at all.

      The first problem is that when I run the test suite making it fail, and I look at the flow trace I can see that the other composite has been fired. I can find no way to stop it benig fired (The emulates is greyed out because it is fire and forget.
      The second problem is that when the test should pass it just hangs rather than return success. This is probally because it is waiting for the BPEL to send the message that it is not going to send.

      The documentation for the test suite program dosn't refer to achieving this.
      Can anyone point me in the right direction?