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    How are Direct Mail Campaigns managed by ODM?

      I have a client that has 1 ODM license and will be using the tool mainly for physical mailing-type campaigns/programs. They have a small contact center with 5-CSR’s using COD. The goal is when a mailer (brochure or whatever) drops, they want to have prospects call in to take advantage of whatever offers they are presenting on the mailer. Sometimes the names of the individuals that are sent a mailer come from a purchased list. The goal is to import those lists into ODM Contacts, not CRM On Demand and sync only those names of individuals who respond to the campaign/offer. That is, create a new lead in CRM when they respond to the offer.

      With only 1 license, is there any way the CSRs can access the names of those names stored in ODM Contacts?

      Here is an idea that I had based on the field "Already Registered, enter your email":

      1. When the target lists are compiled for any given campaign, use a unique contact id as a promo code that is printed uniquely on each mailer when the mail-merge is done at the printer/fulfillment house.

      2. When a person calls into the 800# to take advantage of the offer and they are NOT in CRM (their Contact screen does not pop), the CSR will not be able to find that person’s name in the system so will then need to go to a specific campaign landing page.

      3. The CSR would access the campaign landing page and ask the person on the phone for the promo code. The CSR enters the promo code into the field (attribute) that is normally for “Already Registered” on the landing page which says instead “Enter Promo Code” (is this even possible??). Underneath the enter promo code field would be the typical needed demographic and insight attributes in case the person calling is neither in CRM or part of the original Campaign (maybe a neighbor gave them the flyer which piqued their interest prompting them to call in).

      4. Upon Submit, the Promo Code pulls up that person’s contact info, from the ODM Contact DB. The CSR verifies the information or adds a new person.

      5. The CSR saves the form and based on some additional fields in the form that would be filled in such as timeframe to purchase, that would trigger the sync from ODM to CRM to create a new Lead in CRM.

      6. The CSR then begins the normal process of processing new Leads from there…
      (The only bummer is according to what I’ve read, the sync happens the quickest every 15 minutes, can it be quicker? Like instantaneously? That’s another issue…)

      So my thought is the landing page can be used by the person receiving the mailer, the prospect, who would type in the printed URL on the mailer or by the CSR doing it on their behalf. This way the CSR’s can have access to the target lists of any given campaign. Thoughts about this?

      Is this even possible??