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    PO Expense Rule

      Hi Experts / sandeep gandhi

      What is Expense Rule in Purchasing Module
      What is the use and advantages of this..
      what are all the setups and procedure to be done

      if there is document share it to --> raghuirctc@gmail.com

      Thanks in Advance..
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Are you referring to
          Purchasing > Setup > Accounting > Expense account rules?

          These rules are setup to help you derive the correct a/c number for expense type of purchase orders. You can specify for example that if the category segment1 on the po line is 'OFFICE SUPPLIES', then the second segment of the a/c number must be 12345.
          These rules override the a/c number generated by the a/c generator workflow.

          See http://www.oracleug.com/user-guide/purchasing-overview/expense-charge-account-rules for details.

          Sandeep Gandhi
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