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    Can anyone provide complete list of varcon.DataManipulation functions?

    Mustafa Tailor
      FDM Versions 9.3.3

      I was trying to learn to customize FDM and was going through API documentation. In FDM workbench under FDM-9x-G4-A -> Actions -> Consolidate scripts, i found the following line:

      Set objHWReturn = API.IntBlockMgr.IntegrationMgr.PobjIntegrate.varCon.DataManipulation.fCalculateRange(rsEntList.Fields("ValEntListName").Value, rsEntList.Fields("ValEntListOrg").Value,CStr(strDataValue1), CStr(strTCat), CStr(strTargYear), CStr(strTPer(0)), CStr(strTPer(1)), RES.FDMTrue)

      I want to know about varCon, DataManipulation.fCalculateRange functions and similar functions such as fConsolidate, fConsolidateRange functions.

      I had also noticed that under Object Browser in FDM i could not find fCalculateRange and other similar functions. Can anybody let me know the complete list of functions associate with varCon object?

      Thanks in advance for your interest, time and advice!

      Mustafa Tailor