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    R12 - AP Invoice Lines Interface & Tax Codes

      We have a slight problem getting AP Invoice Lines through the Payables Open Interface. In 11i the value held in the TAX_CODE column was validated (against AP_TAX_CODES I believe), and if wrong or missing the line was rejected. The eTRM for R12 claims this column is still validated, although against ZX_TAXES_B, however testing shows this to be untrue. Support documentation from Oracle (e.g. note 472649.1) suggest a number of other columns are now used for tax validation, however testing agains shows this to be untrue. The only column we can find which is validated is TAX_CLASSIFICATION_CODE, and if this column contains a valid tax code then the invoice line will be accepted, however we cannot find any documentation which shows that this column should be used.

      Has anyone out there bottomed out this issue, and if so is there any insight you could offer?

      Many thanks.

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