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      • 15. Re: How to use AudioSystem that reports no TargetDataLines, only Target Ports?
        ags wrote:
        I have no intention of being inflammatory here, but I'm wondering: is Java Sound a robust system upon which to build an application dependent upon sound capture with Windows? It is incredibly simple and easy to use. Does that ease of use come with a penalty of not being supported on most machines? Or are the issues I'm having mostly due to my lack of experience with Java Sound? I really don't want to program in Windows native...
        The ease of use comes with a penalty of support "lagging" behind for new stuff. Microsoft makes a change to their stuff, Oracle isn't going to fix it before it's in the field. If you're using something like Adobe Flex or Microsoft Silverlight, compatability is one of their highest priorities. They care about making sure their stuff is always up to date.

        It isn't that JavaSound isn't robust, it's just that it's less of a priority to keep it up to date with changing hardware. I recall when the 64-bit JVM first came out, JavaSound was pretty buggy. When the Windows 7 JVM first came out, JavaSound was pretty buggy. It's actively supported so eventually those things get worked out, but, only eventually.

        So, in conclusion... JavaSound should work the majority of the time on well-fielded Windows or Linux machines. Highly specialized / cutting edge hardware or software may cause it to not work.
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