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    Values not displaying correctly in the OBIEE reports.


      There is a line - bar combo report in which we have columns like month, gross sales and gross volume. When I drill down on the month column which is present in x axis, it shows me the weeks for that particular month, the problem here is the total value it showed for month for the columns gross sales and gross volume does not match with the values when i sum up the week's values for that particular month. And similarly the days values does not match with the weeks values.

      Another thing is , in the RPD , there are two alias tables(W_DAY_D_Common & W_DAY_D_InvoiceDate) for W_DAY_D have been joined with the same wid(INVC_DT_WID) to the same fact table. Could this cause the problem of not showing the values correctly?

      How to solve this issue and to get results properly?

      Thanks in advance,

      Vishnu Priya