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    P6 Integration with WebCenter & UCM

      Hi Experts,

      I'm trying to propose Webcenter suite with UCM mainly for document management and web collaboration. However I'm also trying to find out how it can be helpful or how the existing Primavera P6 used here can leverage on the new solution.

      I've been able to find on integration betweenj P6 and Sharepoint but not Webcenter & UCM.

      Can someone please advise me on this?

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          I believe Primavera P6 supports Oracle UCM for document management and there are instructions on how to configure UCM and P6.
          As far as WebCenter integration goes, it would not be feasible at this time for two main reasons;
          - The Primavera P6 web application is a standalone J2EE application (not suitable to run within a portal framework like the one Webcenter provides)
          - Primavera web application portlets are not WSRP friendly (last time I checked), a nice to have if you want to play in the WebCenter space, if you are thinking of deploying specific Primavera portlets in your WebCenter landscape

          I believe as Oracle continues to integrate the Primavera products into the fusion stack, (maybe implement WSRP portlets in P6) then you can expect to see more Webcenter (UI) and BMPN (process) like integration between Primavera and other Oracle apps

          So to your question, I guess you could pitch only UCM for document management..

          I hope this helps..


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            Anyone knows if there are any evolution in this topic? A customer is demanding full integration between Webcenter Content and Primavera v9. How it works? There are any documentation, tutorial?

            Thank you!
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              Did you mean integration between WebCenter Content and P6 EPPM v8.3 because v9 still didn't come out? There are instractions on how to configure WebCenter Content and P6 EPPM at P6 EPPM documentation.