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    OER Harvester: Harvest all projects for server type SOASuite

    Sjoerd Aalbers

      We want to harvest all projects for server type SOA Suite. The documentation states: "If omitted, all of the projects on the server are harvested". However this is not the case. If we remove the projectName tags form the HarvesterSettings.xml the harvester aborts with a NullPointer exception. If we leave the projectName tags in the HarvesterSettings.xml file, but with no value, the Harvester does not find any Project to harvest for our SOAPartition (default).

      On the other hand if we do the same for server type WLS it does work as described in the documentation.

      Are we doing something wrong for server type SOASuite? Has anybody harvest all projects for servertype SOASuite?

      We are using:
      OER version:
      OS: EL 5.0

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