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    Want to create an Receipt in Purchasing

    Priyanka Pawar

      I wanted to study cycle entering transactions of PO - Receipt and Invoice. I have added one Purchase Order whoes status is Approved and now wanted to create "Receipts" against it. Is it right step: navigate to "Purchasing Super User" - "Receiving" - Receipt. Add new receipt there against approved PO.

      After that i come to "Payable Manager" responsibility : Invoicing - Invoice Batch and entered invoice for same approved PO but Received Quantity is not getting updated there..

      I m on right path or have to follow some other steps.. please guide...

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          Please check that if the quantity in recipt have been delivered to inventory or not ? You can check this in Receiving Purchasing responsibility -> receiving -> receiving transaction summery -> select the receipt transaction number -> click on transaction button. Now you can check the status of the receipt line.

          again you need to check the receipt ruoting in receiving control of the PO if quantity receipt is not delivered to inventory. So that if inspection required then you need to inspect the material in receiving before it will be delivered to inventory.
          You can check this as Purchasing responsibility -> Purchase order summery -> query the PO no -> then Open the PO -> click on the shiipments button -> click on the receiving controls button -> then check the status of receipt routing.

          All these can be accessed from purchasing responsibilty.

          Hope this will help
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            Priyanka Pawar
            thanks for prompt reply.. problem was i have not done inspection of lines... problem is solved..
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              After creating the receipts in Purchasing the Status in the purchase order is not getting updated with the receipt quantity. whether it is the defect of the item definition or any other fault please let me know