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    Split/Join, Invoke Service and SOAP Header in osb10.3 wls10.3

      Hi gurus,

      Are Split/Join able to invoke external services with a custom SOAP header?

      I have a split join to call 2 external business services in parallel. Those 2 external services requires a custom SOAP Header


      All WSDLs were configured by the instructions of this link : http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E13159_01/osb/docs10gr3/eclipsehelp/tasks.html#wp1150628, but in my debuging, the SOAP header is disappeared when calling those external services from the splitjoin. (No problem if designing and testing with the ProxyService. but Proxyservice is useless here because of parallel processing)

      When designing with OSB Workshop IDE, there is no way to pass the custom SOAP header to the "Invoke Service", only the body request/response message.
      My question is, Split/Join automatically uses its header to pass it into the invoke call ?

      Please advise...