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    Auto versioning

      Our software is integrated with CDB. When user adds document to our application we do add a document (with category that have some attributes) to specified folder in CDB. After 10 minutes our application updates document. To be specific we update only attributes on category not a content of document.

      Now client turned on auto versioning on folder where we store documents (It is needed for client to keep track of changes on document) And here is strange situation because sometimes on client machine when we try to update attributes we get error : ORACLE.FDK.ItemNotCheckedOut. it does not happen all the time only once a while!

      Moreover this problem does not happen on our local environment with ContentDB.

      In our code we simply call updateDocument method as follows (We do not check In or check out any documents):

      AttributeRequest[] requestedAttributes = AttributesRequests.CATEGORY_CLASS_ATTRIBUTES;
      fileManager.updateDocument(document.getId(), documentDef, requestedAttributes);

      Is there any setting in Content DB that can be turned on / off to make it work all the time? Why the code above works on local environemnt and sometimes doeas not work on client's environment ?

      Thank You for help.