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    one user cannot open FDM reports

      When clicking Analysis reports, IE8 Hangs and you have to end task to close the browser. This happens only on his computer, mine works fine, and It happens on his computer for his logon or mine. I have checked he IE security settings and they appear fine. Has anyone seen this before?
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          Which version is this? Please take a moment to review this post.

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            v 11.1.2
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              What format doesnt' work? Excel, PDF, HTML, all of the above?
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                None of them work. I know it must be a security setting or pop-up blocker of some kind. I have checked the IE options, but they appear fine. I belive it is something specific to IE8 my IE7 works fine for both of us.
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                  You could check the following options:

                  #1 - ensure FDM URL is setup as trusted.
                  #2 - Configure the following security settings (Custom Level for Trusted Sites)
                  a.) Pop-Up Blocker - Off
                  b.) Downloads / Automatic Prompting - Enable
                  c.) Downloads / File Downloads - Enable
                  d.) Allow script initiated windows without size (blah blah blah) - Enable

                  That should do it. Otherwise, there is a compatability mode for IE 8 you could try enabling.
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                    My IE8 works just fine for the reports. If you believe it be something with his computer then I would recommend you involve your local IT department to have his computer reviewed. We in this forum unfortunately can not predict what your end user has downloaded/installed/configured on their PC.

                    It very well could be something with his computer or the IE settings/toolbars he has installed.

                    Thank you,
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                      Wondering if original poster or anyone else has a resolution for this. My issue is same, although it was working fine until a few days ago. No new installed apps or config changes (other than Windows Update or any other auto-updates). Have tried removing all IE add-ons, disabled popup blockers, enabled as trusted site with changes to custom settings, etc. Again, there have been no user-initiated changes to system between working and non-working state.

                      * IE 8.0.6001
                      * FDM

                      When selecting Analysis --> Reports, the browser session simply hangs until process is forcibly killed.

                      Works: Same user on different machine (tested both IE8 and IE9)
                      Doesn't work: Different user on same machine

                      I'm ready to re-install IE8, but I would like to understand issue for any future issues with my users. Thanks for any info or suggestions.
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                        Hi all,

                        i recently had the same issue as described above appearing on my machine, where it worked without any problems all the times before.
                        I noticed, that the only thing I had changed was, that I zoomed in to 105%. After changing this back to 100%
                        everything worked as before.
                        Maybe this could help in your case as well.

                        Best regards
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                          For anyone reading this thread we had the same problem just happen here.  The user had zoom at 114%.  I had her change it back to 100% and it works now.  Very Odd