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    Complex Purchase Orders interface

      on R12.1.2

      We want to upload Complex Purchase Orders using PO Interface. Is there any supported API or Interface available ?

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          To my knowledge there is no means of importing Complex Orders directly as of now.
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            You can upload complex POs through the same following open interfaces through which you use to upload STANARD POs:


            There is a columns namd STYLE_ID in PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE table which you must populate with the style in which Progress payments are supported. Also you will have to populate the LINE_TYPE as FIXED PRICE SERVICE, since in complex POs there is no Quantity and Unit Price, only Amount is there. The other thing is: there is RETENTION enabled in complex POs.

            I tried to upload the Complex POs also, but I am facing the some problem. the interface rejects the records due to the error that "STYLE_ID with progress payments is not supported". I checked my Purchasing setups. these are OK but I have no idea why it rejects the records. I also logged an SR to oracle for this but no solution found.

            If you find any clue, kindly let me know. I shall be thankful to you.