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    JOGL Questions

      I got a HelloWorld program working and I have the CLASSPATH set up. I even got netbeans working nicely with the JOGL (1.1.1+dak1-10) in my Linux distro's repositories (Debian)! However, my problem is that everything I find seems old and has deprecated examples. (I've been having issues compiling for a very long time because I didn't know the code I got was deprecated). I basically had to change the import from net.java.games.jogl.* to javax.media.opengl.* for my particular case. Also, the API URLs do not look official. Could someone please point me to some modern (free or not - but preferably free or even both) documentation/book(s) and tell me about its development status? Last I read, it was being endorsed by Sun as the main OpenGL API for Java. Did something change with Oracle's acquisition?

      Any input would be greatly appreciated!
      Thanks in advance!

      Edit: Ok so, assuming I am correct, the official JOGL documentation did not work for me because it was using JOGL 2 and the other stuff were way older so it wasn't working because of that. I just found a a decent book for JOGL 1 but should I learn JOGL 1 or JOGL 2?

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