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    ORA- 03113


      Im using Oracle on RHEL 4.8,

      While executing the users scripts, im getting the ORA-03113 error, the scripts includes the create user, import & creates new objects, & compile the objects,

      When im running the scrips, im getting the ora-03113 & scripts are getting failed..

      there is no specific object at where the script is getting failed.

      what can be reason behind ORA-03113?
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          Dom Brooks
          There should be a trace file related to this forced disconnection in the udump dest on the server - there will normally be an underlying ORA-600 or ORA-7445 error the arguments of which you can use to find out more via the ORA-600/7445 lookup tool on [url http://support.oracle.com]Oracle Support.
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            ora-3113 is in the same category as ora-600 and ora-7445. Usually untrapped errors, quite often caused by memory allocation and nil pointer issues.
            Generally speaking, you'd better conduct ora-3113 searches on My Oracle Support, if you have access to it.
            It can be anything.
            Typically ora-3113's are resolved by patches, may be already out for your platform.

            Sybrand Bakker
            Senior Oracle DBA
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              I had a doubt related 2 memory,

              total memory of the server is 12G,

              what should be the shmmax value?...