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    PO Change Order and Approval


      It is observed and seems the standard functionality that, when changes are done to approved PO, it revises and changes the status to Required Reapproval. This seems to be happening even when the fields like item description, need-by-date etc are changed and metalink says that this is the intended feature. Metalink shows ER's requesting this feature.

      Our requirement is

      1. It should go for Re-approval only when the Amount is changed by 1%. Looks like this can be achieved using workflow tolerances.
      2. It shouldn't go for Re-Approval when other fields are changed. or atleast it should not go through Hierarchy when other fields are changed. The buyer who did the change should be able to approve irrespective of the approval limit.

      For high amount PO's, even the small changes done by a buyer are going through approval hierarchy and top management is not liking this.

      Please advice if you had come across this and how did you achieve this.


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