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    On Track app for iPhone setup instructions


      I searched for the settings for On track , the iPhone version , but i did not find !!

      Could you help please .

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          ryan sullivan2
          What specific issues are you running into?

          The iphone configurations are pretty straightforward. Please let me know if you're looking for something other than this:

          There are two sections:

          1. On Track Server

          a. host name: <enter host name to your server, e.g., ontrack.company.com>
          b. https: enabled or disabled
          c. server port: the port of your ontrack instance (e.g., 7001, if installed on your admin server using default ports)
          d. path: the configured path to your ontrack webapp: (e.g., /ontrack/ )

          2. Account:
          a. user name: <e.g., testuser@company.com>
          b. password: <password for above user>


          Ryan Sullivan | ECMconsultant