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    how to highlight a tree node when it is clicked.

      Hello every onei ,

      Does anybody has any idea how to highlight an ADF tree node when it is clicked ?

      Here is my scenario:-

      I have a popup which has a tree component on left and when we click on any node in the tree we have to display the corresponding page on right side.

      As the tree is common for all pages in the popup, i created an XHTML template with tree. All the treenode pages will use this template to display the tree.This template i am using to implement in rest of the pages.

      So when i click any link on this tree will load the corresponding JSP. But i am loosing focus. i mean selected node is not highlighting. Because we are loading the entire target page with template.

      Could any let me know how to highlight the tree node ?

      The Main problem is we are not using ADF controllers. We are using managed beans, these managed beans attached to the JSPX pages.

      Kindly guide me if any one knows solution.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Sai Sravan.P