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    Sending Text Messages from Mobile

    Adeel Aslam
      Hi All,

      any One can tell me about sening text messages from database to mobile

      Actually i want to attach mobile with Oracle databse and send messages from attached mobile to other mobiles for alerts to users.
      I want to send text messages from my database to users on differrent transactions and status.For example i want to message total salary information on user mobile .

      Plz help me i am unable to to do this but i have to do it


      Adeel Aslam
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          unfortunatly i do not fully understand what kind of system you want to create.oracle lite is a mobile database system that you can have on mobile devices. you can have for example a program on mobile device that synchronizes with the main
          server (oracle lite app server) and syncs with the main oracle 11g database. you are talking about sending text messages , do you mean sms? i do not understand what oracle lite has to do with that .

          why dont you just create a small app (e.g. c#) run it as scheduled task, and read from the database and send sms. there are libraries out there that can help you do that if thats all you need to do. where does olite fit in this?
          if you need to have a mobile application then there is no need for sms.

          if you are not refering to sms messages then you can create a small mobile app that syncs one table with the main oracle 11g (e.g. table messages) and the mobile user can then through the app see the messages by reading the messages table on the mobile (after it had synced)

          sorry for not understanding what you need,please provide more info
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            Adeel Aslam
            Dear i am working in Sugar Mill as Programmer and My Boss has asked me to do this kind of assignment.
            Actually i want to Send Text sms on user's mobile on differernt events like on Commit or update.For example when a month ends and salries are calaculated then a text message shuold be gnereted on user's mobile number which is stored in employees data.and also user can query their specific transaction from mobile.For example user send his emp code to data base and database reply him his total salary and also absents and presents days.I am Using Oracle 10 g and forms 6i.
            Plz also tell me about oracle lite from where can i get it and how to configure it for my task

            I shall be very thankful to you for this favour


            Adeel aslam
            • 3. Configuring Database LIte Application
              Adeel Aslam
              Hi all

              can any one tell me about the complete configuration of database lite for mobil server and sending and sending and receiving messages between mobile and database


              Adeel aslam
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                Depending on the platform, you can use the device manager and the mobile manager on the server to send/receive messages. Not supported on Android yet... So you would have to build your own web service to handle this for android.
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                  Adeel Aslam
                  How to create web servcie in which tool and where?

                  plz tell me complete reference.thanks


                  Adeel Aslam