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    Status of BUG: File.deleteOnExit() does not work on open files (win32) ?

      I am a bit confused about the status of the below bug:


      Is the fixed? I use jdk1.6.0_25 32bit on a windows 7 64 bit machine where I create a temp folder:
          File tempDir = File.createTempFile(name, "");
          if (!(tempDir.delete())) {
            throw new IOException("Could not delete temp file" + tempDir.getAbsolutePath());
          if (!(tempDir.mkdir())) {
            throw new IOException("Could not create temp file" + tempDir.getAbsolutePath());
      It works fine if the folder is empty. But if I put a test.txt file in the folder created its not deleted on exit. Does deleteOnExit() only work on empty folders?