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    Webtop application list customisation for many users


      Rapidly having to learn SGD here following a switch of projects!

      OK, we're running SGD 4.5, part of what I have to do is setting up Applications, Application Servers and so on for command line interfaces, remote desktop connections and so on.

      The next part sounds as if it should be easy, but I can't find a way to do it.

      Imagine, I have about forty applications for a particular project. These appear in each user's webtop application list. I want to group these into three different groups, which will appear as a heading with a drop-down/arrowhead/whatever so that the user's webtop isn't so cluttered.

      So just like the customisation that each user can do for themselves, but I want to do this in advance, so that I don't have to document and inevitably support 95 people through the process.

      So my question is: when a user does this customisation, where is that stored? And how can I grab that and include it in a default profile for that user group? I'm aware of the profile.xml file created on a Windows client when any customisation is done: however, I've tested by creating groups for myself, and nothing even remotely similar appears in the profile.xml created on my machine.

      Any help greatfully received!

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          The short answer is No - an administrator cannot create this type of groupings for users.

          There are alternatives that might meet your requirements:

          1. If you can upgrade to SGD 4.61, you might be able to use the dynamic launch feature to reduce the number of deployed applications to a less confusing number.
          2. In 4.5, you could get your users to access the hierarchical webtop and group the applications within the SGD datastore.