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    Changing field widths


      I’m sure its simple, but I just don’t know.

      I recently had to increase the length of a database column. So now I also need to increase its width in several Reports. But the Reports Builder won’t let me change its width in the property inspector. It does let me change some other properties in the property inspector – but not the field’s width. Can someone please explain how one does this?

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          You have to make the field a bit wider in the layout editor. See the online help:
          If the Column Type is Database Scalar and the Datatype is Character, Date, Number, or Raw, Width is uneditable. However, this does not mean you cannot control the width of the column's values in the report output. You can change the width of the values in the output by modifying the field's width in the Default Layout dialog box or the Field property sheet.
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            Thanks, but I'm still confused.

            As long as the "width" in the field's property inspector is set to 35, I am only seeing the first 35 of the 50 characters stored in the table. It's truncating off thee rest of the characters -- no matter how I adjust the layout. If I can't change that "width" property to match the Varchar2 length of the column, then how do I get to see all 50 characters?

            Thanks again for any help you might lend.
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              You're right, just tried it (in Reports 6i). Even a recompile doesn't change the width. I did find a workaround. Say your query is

              select col1 from table1

              Change it to

              select null col1 from table1

              And change it back to

              select col1 from table1
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                You gave me a good idea to try. So I went to the data model, popped open the query, changed something (just moved spaces around) and pressed "OK". When I went back to the layout, the field had been changed from 35 to 50 -- because the query had been regenerated.

                It's that simple -- assuming one knows what to do. Now it's working perfectly.

                Thanks for all your help.