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    utSrServerBus - Driver was not correctly signed or file is corrupt

      We have a Windows 2008 R2 Server running on VMware ESXi 4.0 with RDS and I don't get the USB redirection to work properly.
      SRSS is 5.2.1 (latest). Sun Ray Components are 2.4 (bundled with SRSS/SRWC).

      First of all, the driver of the utSrServerBus Device is not installed correctly (it seams to because of the Windows Driver Compatiblity Check). The Device hast a yellow warning "!" in the Device Manager and says (Code 52).
      The driver was signed wrong or the file is corrupt. I've reinstalled it several times now. Watching the driver file (inf) properties I see that it is signed by Oracle (and by Versign).

      I think this also leads to that the utSrServerPort is not installed.

      As a workaround I installed the SR Components from SRSS 5.1 (version which seem to work correctly.