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      • 15. Re: Automatic Gap Resolution Not  Working
        I too have seen this kind of thing following some network problems between sites in a virtualised environment, which apparently left behind some sort of zombie network connections from processes still active at the primary site - specifically the archiver processes.

        I found by experimentation that if I killed the FAL archiver process on the primary instance it would respawn automatically, and that gap resolution would then spring back into life on the standby.

        It's never a good idea to kill instance processes of course, but those "CLOSING" messages above look somewhat familiar.

        I leave it to you to judge if you think this may be the case here, and if you think it is worth the risk of killing the primary archiver procesess to find out!
        • 16. Re: Automatic Gap Resolution Not  Working
          Issue was due to bandwidth, network fluctuation and low bandwidth allocation was the root cause
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