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    Formatting a string variable via script tags?


      I am wondering if there is anyway to toggle bold/italics on and off using simple html style tags when defining a string variable. I am working with a large amount of data being fed into a custom text box class that is already working perfectly. I would like to distinguish between data and data type in the string by displaying the data type in bold. I have no desire to break each little piece into separate Text class instance.

       Data1=" Switch ID: {myequip.getSection_ID()}\n Status: {myequip.checkStatus()}";
      Where I feed data1,data2, etc. into 4 Texts variables in my custom text box class. These Text variables already have a very specific layout within the bounds of my info box. I would like "Switch ID: " and "Status: " to be bold and the string returned from the method calls to stay as they are.

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