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    force short job execution

      Hi all,

      I've a question about how to configure a queue, which is capable to execute a job with "wall time=0"?

      A certain program submit a very short job with "wall time=0" through qmon, but the grid engine doesn't execute the job. In the log it is that finished, but actually the grid engine doesn't execute it. Is there any setup to force the execution of a job with zero wall time?

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          Hi Gabor,

          can you please describe in more detail what you have done?

          I'm not 100% sure what you're meaning with "doesn't execute":
          Does it mean the job is not scheduled to an execution daemon?
          Is the job showed as "pending" (qstat -f). Can you please also describe what you did to submit the job through qmon?
          Can you submit it via qsub command also? Please file your used command line options then ...

          Can you provide the output of qstat -j YOUR_JOB_ID or qacct -j YOUR_JOB_ID ?