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    Error while installing PIM Sync


      While installing PIM Sync an error is given
      "Installation found another product installed which uses the same configuration file settings. Installation was cancelled because they cannot function on the same computer. Please uninstall the other software first."
      But there is no software installed related to CRM.
      Please help.

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          Hi Arpita,

          Sometimes it happens all the files may not be removed ,even if you have removed it.

          Please follow the below steps to remove it

          Under certain conditions, an uninstall process does not completely remove all references to the PIM Sync client on a users system.
          When this occurs an new installation sometimes produces an error message that says something like "unable to complete the install since there is already a previous version installed, remove the previous version and attempt the install again".

          If this error appears you can try the manual removal of a registry entry that refers to the previous install of the PIM Sync client. Follow these steps to remove the necessary registry entry on the machine:
          1. Click Start>Run and enter "regedit" to open the MS Windows Registry editor

          2. Locate the following registry entry

          Srinivas Merugu