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    SQLPlus XML Output

    Dinesh Thoniparambil
      My output is going over to a new line right after 2000 characters. What am I doing wrong? Below are my options as well as the SQL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      set linesize 32767 long 300000 longchunksize 300000;
      set pagesize 0 echo off;
      set trims on;
      spool c:/test.txt replace;
      select xmlelement("root",
      xmlattributes('http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema' as "xmlns:xsi",
      'http://www.terex.com/exposure.xsd' as "xsi:nonamespaceSchemaLocation"),
      xmlagg( xmlelement("applicant",
      xmlattributes('com' as "applicanttypecode",
      trim(les_s) as "applicantid")
      ))) as test
      from lpr_prod_summary.lease a
      , lpr_prod.rls b
      where a.lse_s = b.lse_s;
      spool off;