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    xxxx_org_ww group users / new hires


      the main workspace we are using in Critical Accounts organization (myGCA Community) is open to everyone reporting to the top-level manager (Sherm Terry). sterry_org_ww is the group user, with workspace-member priviledge.
      Currently we have a number of people moving into Sherm's organization from other parts of Oracle. I was hoping that the new hires would gain access to the workspace as soon as they are moved in Self-Service Applications (and Aria). But we had an example of a person that was visible under Sherm (in Aria) for three days, still could not access myGCA Community. Finally I had to add him manually (as individual user).

      How do xxxx_org_ww group users really work? Will the new hires gain access (and when), or this just gives access to the people that were reporting to xxxx at the time when the group user is added?