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    HELP!!! CCA API setOutcomes does not work.

      Hi, everyone.

      I have been making an API call to setOutcome(), but it seems it does not set outcome to interaction, thus interaction status is never changed from 9.
      For parameter, I set as bellow:

      sSessionId = my session id (ex: 77c2e239c23da9a3164...)
      sInteractionId = interaction id (ex: 8413061853059)
      outcomeId = outcome id (ex: 510490)
      outcomeName = outcome name (ex: Call to Boss)
      type = interaction type (ex: 13 -> means outbound calling)
      userId = my user id (ex: 108)
      projectId = project id specified in interaction info (ex: 124)
      workgroupId = workgroup id specified in interaction info (ex: 0)
      discard = true

      Can anyone advise me what the reason would be?

      Thanks, Ray.