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    fnd_documnet attachment to requisition  headers using requisition_interface


      Does any one know how to create attachments for requisition headers when using requisition open interface table to create the requisition.

      I tried using note_id1 and note_title1 column to pass the document id of one of the existing attachemnts from fnd_attached_documents, but with no success.

      When I import the requsition and check the fnd_attached_documnets it is creating a new record but with Pk1_value of requisition line id and title REQ_LINES instead of requistion headers id and REQ HEADERS.

      I know that if I can get the new record gets created as requsition_heaer_id and REQ HEADERS in fnd_attached_docuemnts when we create requistiion using requisition_interface_all table, the attachemnt gets created successfully.

      Can any throw some light of how to get this...