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    How to migrate the data from DEC RDB 5.1 to Oracle 11g


      As part of my project, we need to migrate the data from DEC RDB 5.1 present on Alpha server with VMS 6.1 OS into Oracle 11g. The size of the data in DEC RDB is around 40 GB.

      Could you please suggest various ways of getting this done in easy and simpler way?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Take a look at Note 135929.1 entitled - Advice on Converting from Oracle Rdb to Oracle RDBMS
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            Hi Moniel,

            Thanks for the reply.

            As suggested, I have referred to 135929.1. I could understand that it is for getting the data from Oracle RDB.

            I really doubt, if that helps me bcoz my requirement is to migrate the data from DEC RDB 5.1 which is on Alpha VMS server to Oracle 11g.

            Could you please clarify?
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              Note 135929.1 has a section which details how to move data -

              Techniques for converting a database

              * Transferring Metadata

              Extract the metadata using RMU/EXTRACT. Cut down and edit the output to produce a script to use to create the corresponding RDBMS objects.

              * Transferring data

              For small tables,

              INSERT INTO rdbms_table SELECT columns FROM rdb_table;
              (using dblinks to the rdb database and OCI Services for Rdb)

              For large tables, use RMU/UNLOAD to create a delimited file and then load that into RDBMS using SQL$Loader.

              * Keeping data current in RDBMS while testing the transfer can be done using the Logminer Option in Rdb.

              Will this work for you ? If not, could you please explain why you cannot use this method so we can follow up.
              Is DEC RDB an earlier version of Oracle RDB ? Does it have the same RMU utility referred to in the note ?
              Oracle took ownership of DEC RDB some time ago so that may be why the name is different for different versions.
              It may be we need to follow up with the RDB team.

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                when Oracle bought Rdb from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1994, the name of the product changed from DEC Rdb to Oracle Rdb. Meanwhile the actual version of Rdb is 7.2, so you are on a VERY old version. And that excludes the suggestions from the mentioned note to use a database link from Oracle RDBMS to Rdb, that is simply not possible with that old version of Rdb.

                But Rdb 5.1 knew already the Rdb Management Utility (RMU) - I just checked that with Rdb 4.1 which is even older.

                There are two commands that are helpful for your task.

                RMU/EXTRACT - that writes the metadata into a file. That output helps you to build a script to create all the objects in your target database.
                RMU/UNLOAD - that writes the data of each table into a formatted file (one file per table). That output can be used by the SQL*Loader to load your data into the target database.

                You can read all details about these commands in the online help on your Alpha. At first, issue the HELP command and look in the output list whether it lists a command RMU or RMU51. Then run that command:

                $ help rmu /extract
                $ help rmu /unload

                Replace rmu by rmu51 if the help command shows you that rmu51 exists but not rmu.

                There is one caveat. Do you use blobs in your Rdb database? If you don't know that, create an the output with RMU/EXTRACT and search the output file for the string LIST OF BYTE VARYING. If there are none then you have no blobs. If you have some you need to take more care of them, they can't be unloaded into a formatted file, that must happen programmatical. If you have such fields then let me know, then I'll tell you how to get them out of your Rdb database.

                Best regards

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