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    Clarification on getDefaultScreenSize() method of Toolkit

      Consider the below code for getting the Graphics configurations possible on a graphics device.
      GraphicsEnvironment ge = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment();
      GraphicsDevice[] gs = ge.getScreenDevices();
      +//Assuming here that only one graphic device is supported.+
      GraphicsDevice gd = gs[0];
      GraphicsConfiguration[] gc =gd.getConfigurations();

      If there are 3 graphics configuration allowed on the device.
      1. 1280*720
      2. 720*576
      3. 960*540

      Maximum configuration possible is 1st configuration.
      Default configuration is 2nd configuration

      and the 3rd graphics configuration is set to the device, what should the method Toolkit.getdefaultToolkit().getScreenSize() return ?

      According to In Java 2 Platfor  SE v14.2, the getScreenSize() definition is

      Gets the size of the screen. On systems with multiple displays, the primary display is used. Multi-screen aware display dimensions are available from GraphicsConfiguration and GraphicsDevice.

      The method returns :
      a) The dimension of maximum configuration allowed by the device [Here 1280, 720]
      b) The dimension of the default configuration [Here 720, 576]
      c) The dimension of the current configuration. [Here 960, 540]

      Please let me know whether a, b or c is the right one. I am confused on what needs to be implemented ?