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    OSB functionality with ASM managed flash_recovery_area

      Is there a way to backup ASM file system using OSB Datasets?
      Its like this our RMAN backups are located in the path: ++FRA/BACKUPSETS/PROD+
      Then I would like to backup this path using OSB file system backup? I am getting an error:

      "the following problems were detected in dataset /Level_0_FS_Bkp:14: include path +FRA/BACKUPSETS/PROD invalid include pathname"
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          You wouldn't configure an FRA backup using OSB datasets. OSB datasets are used to backup file system data and not the Oracle database. You would backup the FRA via RMAN command Backup recovery area.

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            Hi Donna,

            Finally, I was able to talk to you. I have been reading your helpful entries and answers about OSB. You are right, I was able to figure out yesterday that I will be backing up the FRA instead. It is working now. However, I would like to ask your opinion on how to make my backup to tape "good enough".

            We have level 0 (Sundays) and level 1 (Mon-Sat) backups. All backupsets go to +FRA\PROD location. Right after the level 0 and level 1 backup scripts, I added backup recovery area command (I followed this link: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/backup.102/b14192/bkscenar002.htm)

            Can you assist me on how to segregate my "backup recovery area" into specific tapes (media family). I have media families: level0_family and level1_family. How can I instruct OSB to place my backups into the corresponding media families. Also my manager would like to have a copy of the level 1 daily backup duplicated on another tape device to be placed offsite (this also applies to level 0). Hope to read your feedback Donna. And thanks!
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              Have you created any database backup storage selectors? It sets up a policy for defining what media and drives to use for the backup. You can create one database backup storage selector for all databases or have multiple per database. You can create a policy for what media full backups go to and another for incremental backups etc. OSB will then automatically match the policy to the backup.

              Regarding the duplication scenario, I would do the following:

              1) Create a media family just for the duplicate tapes ie Offsite
              2) Create a duplication policy which defines when tapes should be duplicated, and to what media family etc .... ie dup1
              3) Create a schedule for volume duplication scan
              4) Create a rotation policy for how you want the tape moved between sites (you need to have created a location(s) for where tapes will reside)
              5) Create a rotation scan schedule
              6) Associate the duplication policy with your original media families ie level0_family (note one duplication policy can be associated with multiple media families)
              7) Associate the rotation policy with the media family you created for your offsite tapes ie Offsite

              Now, you'll have policy based management for the tapes....so it's automated. This is described in more detail in:

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                Thanks for your help donna. Your information is really helpfull.