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    Migrating Oracle 6i Graphics to Oracle

      I have not been able to get a 6i graphic to display using run_Report_object. I turned it in as a trouble call and he suggested I post a question to the Forum, about using JAVA/BEAN to display the graphics/charts.

      I know little to nothing of JAVA/BEAN is there anyone willling to share the knowlege and example code.
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          This forum is mainly for migrating from Oracle to non-Oracle databases and I doubt any participants know about the subject you are asking.
          run_Report_object looks to be part of Forms or Reports so it would be better to ask in one of those forums -

          Forms - Forms

          Reports - Reports

          If what you are doing is part of some other product then please let us know exactly what you are using and we may be able to direct you to the correct forum.