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    6140 expansion: firmware level

      1- could anyone please tell me how can i determine if my new expansion tray (CSM200-6140) that i bought recently is having a 7.x.x.x or a 6.x.x.x firmware level?
      2- if my controller's firmware to which i am going to add this expansion is of revision 06.60.22.x, can i add the new expansion directly even if i am not sure about its firmware level?

      thank you.
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          FW 6.x and 7.x can have only controller. Expansion module have own expansion firmware. It's same for 6.x and 7.x Controller firmware.

          See 1011474.1

          In case you use latest version of CAM even with controller FW 6.x - this should not be problem connect new expansion.

          In case You use old CAM and attach new expansion - possible that FW on expansion will more fresh that baseline. So you can't clear alert about
          not baseline FW on some components.

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            please note that (CSM200-6140) expansions comes with FW 7.x.x.x if you current FW version is 6.x.x.x you need to up it to 7.15.x.x and then latest version (7.60.x.x)
            and after that you add (CSM200-6140) expansions

            be happy