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    how to create multiple adapters / multiple instances of adapters

      i need to read out more than one incoming mailboxes. do i have to install as many partitions of the smtp adapter as ingoing mailboxes need to be connected? if so, how do i start more than one adapter on the same machine / same hub? if i simply try to start the same adapter twice, i get the following error:

      The Adapter is already running. You cannot have same adapter registered twice even if installed on different machines for a single integration hub. For scalability, if you want to use multiple instances or partitions of the same adapter, please set the adapter.ini parameter to allocate instance or partition values as appropriate. Please stop the Adapter before starting it again.

      so i could configure a second adapter.ini file for the second partition. but how do i start the partition? there is no ini-tag in the start-script provided with the adapter installation.