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    We are migrating from WE8MSWIN1252 to AL32UTF8

      Hello All,

      Currently we are using Oracle 10g Forms as front end and Oracle 10g Database( WE8MSWIN1252 ) as back end.
      We are upgrading to 11g database of Unicode (Forms 10g as Front end).

      Will there be any issue in the front end (Oracle Forms), if we are migrating to Unicode?

      If yes , Can you please tell me what are the changes we need to do in front end (Oracle Forms).
      I found many documents related to migration from WE8MSWIN1252 to UNICODE in Database but nowhere i come across forms.
      Except changing NLS characterset in Application Server, Do we need to change anything in front end (FMB/MMB/PLL)

      If you find any documents that says different methods of migrating, pros and cons of that particular method, Please send me the link.

      Thanks in advance.

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