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    NFS in local zone


      Has anyone tried mount an NFS share into a zone?? I am unable to lofs or manually mount..

      root@NFS_SERVER # share -F nfs -o rw /stage

      root@LDOM1 # mount -F nfs -o rw NFS_SERVER:/stage /stage

      Then try and mount /stage into the local zone - doesnt seem to work:

      root@LDOM1 # zoneadm -z localzone boot
      cannot verify fs /stage: NFS mounted file-system.
      A local file-system must be used.
      zoneadm: zone localzone failed to verify
      root@LDOM1 #

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          share -F nfs -o rw,anon=0 /stage
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            On a daily basis, yes.

            What error do you get when you run:

            root@LDOM1 # mount -F nfs -o rw NFS_SERVER:/stage /stage


            Btw, to do this automatically you would have to add the share to /etc/vfstab on the non-global zone.
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              I'm not sure what you're trying to do. It sounds like you're trying to mount a NFS filesystem in the global zone and then reference it somehow via the zone configuration as though it was a local filesystem. If so, I can't comment on whether that will work or not because I've no experience with that approach. What I have done successfully is to mount NFS filesystems via /etc/vfstab or automount inside the zone. That works just fine and it is done using exactly the same procedures as you'd use to mount NFS filesystems in the global zone.
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                You can't mount nfs file system from global zone into non-global zone using zonecfg interface. The only way that you can mount nfs file systems is directly mounting in non-global zone directly.