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    odiRef.getColList 6th parameter

      Hi all,

      I am in the process of adapting the IKM for SCDs and looking at the logic to see where my changes will go.

      In the load i$ flow table step I can see calls to odiRef.getColList() and on two occasions there are 6 parameters as far as I can see. I cannot find anything that refers to this.

      Here is the line broken out and annotated:

      i /* This is the index in the for loop from getDataSetCount */
      ,"" /* Start position */
      , "[EXPRESSION]\t[COL_NAME]" /* pPattern */
      , ",\n\t" /* pSeperator */
      , "," /* pEnd */
      , "(((SCD_NK or SCD_INS or SCD_UPD) and !TRG) and REW)") /* pSelector */

      As far as I can work out there are two start positions. What am I missing? Explanations / Suggestions welcome


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          OK. Some more searching in the manuals led me to this in the section on working with datasets. Answers the question:

          A Java For loop iterates over the datasets. The number of datasets is retrieved using the getDataSetCount method. For each dataset, a SELECT statement is issued, each statement separated from the previous one by the dataset's set-based operator retrieved using the getDataSet method.

          The select statement is build as in Generating the Source Select Statement, except that each method call is parameterized with i, the index of the dataset being processed. For example, getFrom(i) generates the from statement for the dataset identified by the value of i.

          All the methods that support a parameter for the dataset index also support a syntax without this index value. Outside an IKM, then should be used without the dataset index. Within an IKM, if used without the dataset index, these method address the first dataset. This syntax is backward compatible with previous Oracle Data Integrator interfaces and knowledge modules.


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