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    Regarding grants in JAVA


      the file is not getting created in the specified directory. it gives an error "Access permission is denied for read, write and delete" Kindly help me with this error.

      please see the code below.

      v_sub_dir_path := v_sub_dir_path || '\RPT_ID_' || to_char(ai_rpt_id);
      v_rpt_dir_path := v_main_dir_path || v_sub_dir_path;

      if pk_g.g_os_id = 1 then
      v_rpt_dir_path := replace(v_rpt_dir_path,'\','/');
      end if;

      dbms_java.grant_permission(user,'SYS:java.io.FilePermission',v_rpt_dir_path,'read ,write, execute, delete');