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    Forms 11g auto select text when mouse clicks

      We converted Forms 6i to 11g. The behavior of mouse click on a text item is different.
      in 6i, the entire text is selected, and when you start typing, the existing text will be wiped out and replaced by new input.
      in 11g, the cursor is placed where you clicked, and you are in insert mode instead of replace mode.
      (please note, you use keyboard to navigate through fields, like tab/shift+tab/enter, the behavior on both environments are the the same which select entire text and in replace mode);

      I tried programmly call select_all build-in in form level when-new-item-instance trigger. It works but has drawbacks:
      1. you have to do this on each every forms. 2. For those item that has item-level when-item-instance trigger overrides form level, you need to use select_all in item level trigger too.

      What I like to know is if there is a universal setting control this behavior that set it in one place and works for all forms. or any other simple and clean solution to set the item in replace mode.

      Any suggestions are very appreciated.


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