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    Hotfix Management | Best Practices | WCS | J2EE environment

      Hi All,

      Trying to exploit some best practices around hotfix management in a J2EE environment. After some struggle, we managed to handle the tracking of individual hotfixes using one of our home-grown tools. However, the issue remains on how to manage the 'automated' build of these hotfixes, rather than doing the same manually, as we are currently doing.

      Suppose we need to hotfix a particular jar file on a production environment, I would need to understand how to build 'just' that particular jar. I understand we can label the related code (which in this case could be just a few java files). Suppose this jar contains 10 files out of which 2 files need to be hotfixed. The challenge is to come up with a build script which builds -
      - ONLY this jar
      - the jar with 8 old files and 2 new files.
      - the jar using whatever dependent jars are required.
      - the hotfix build script needs to be generic enough to handle the hotfix build of any jar in the system.

      Pointers, more in line with a WCS environment would be very much appreciated!


      Mrinal Mukherjee
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