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    Oracle Key Manager (KMS/OKM) Forum?

    trickster - oracle
      Is there a public OKM/KMS/StorageTek Crypto Key Management System forum at Oracle?

      I've not found one easily.

      Can anyone point me in the direction of one, if it exists.

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          I am looking for one myself! Did you find one?
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              Thanks, Rob but that link doesn't work? Basically we are trying to get SNMP to work with out Tivoli system so we get notifications when there is an issue with any KMA in the cluster, particularly the offsite KMAs that are at out DR site. Right now, we get no notifications if there is an issue, and have to manually login every day to make sure the offsite KMAs are responding and the key databases are in synch. We are wondering what other OKM/KMS users do for automated monitoring, or any sort of monitoring. Please reply here or contact me at
              DAVID.VAILLANCOURTatSTATE.MA.US ( replace'at" with "@") if you have any 411 - Thanks! :)
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                I've been trying to find a forum myself, so please update this thread if you manage to find one.

                We currently use a KMS 2.1 cluster. I would like to know if there is a standard upgrade path to the rebranded OKM 2.5 or if it is a new product that must be purchased. We have an Oracle support contract.
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                  Odd, that link works perfectly for me and it is what the support team provided me. Maybe it's internal only for now.


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                    Yeah I tried again, it doesn't work. ANYWAYS I work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ITD. WE have an OKM clluster consisting of 4 KMA's - two at our data center in Boston, and the other two at our DR site at SUNGARD in New Jersey. We are trying to create an SNMP manager to work with our Tivoli monitoring system so that an alert is created automatically is there are any issues with any of the 4 KMAs or this system as a whole. Right now, the only way we have to monitor it is to log into the OKM GUI and see if they all are "responding". We had a scenario where the two KMAs in New Jersey were in a "not responding" state for TWO WEEKS and no one noticed. This means those key databases were not in synch with Boston WHICH MEANS that ALL tapes that were sent offsite during that period were unreadable without access to the encryption keys. Needless to say, from a disaster recovery perspective that this is unacceptable. The KMAs were rebooted and the databases re-synched themselves, but that situation is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen again. We opened a SR with Oracle, and have basically been told that the SNMP manager feature "really doesn't work well". We were asked to close the ticket and open a ticket with "professional services". This means pay us and we will help you..? So I am wondering if any OKM/KMS customers or support personnel have any solution to our monitoring issue? I asked what other customers do to monitor their OKM and was told that they log into the GUI and look. We are looking for some sort of automated solution that will work with our TIVOLI monitoring environment.
                    Any ideas, please respond here or email DAVID.VAILLANCOURTatSTATEdotMAdotUS (replace at with @ and dot with .) - Thanks!! :)
                    PS the Oracle SR# is SR 3-5933942091
                    Support Identifier 16931713
                    Serial Number 0921AK2143