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    Error - Java SDK already installed, but it's not.

      I am running WinXP SP3. I have the latest JRE installed ( 1.6.0_26-b03 ).

      I downloaded the SDK with netbeans bundle.
      It appeared to install correctly ( I wasn't really watching it ).
      Netbeans runs, but complains it can't find the JDK.

      Sure enough, there is no JDK folder under C:\Program Files\Java\ ( or anywhere else on my computer ).
      I checked Add/Remove programs from control panel. Not listed there either.

      So I tried to re-install, and it says netbeans is already installed, would you like to instal the JDK ?
      I say yes, and it complains that it is already installed.

      I really have no idea what's going on here.
      I really don't care if it's installed already ( even though it's not ).
      The installer should just re-install it.

      Is there a way to force the installer to just install it ?