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    Firefox and published LMS

      I have successfully published the UPK LMS content and hung it on our Training environment.
      I have no problem using Internet Explorer (whatever version) to See, Try and Do but when using Firefox 5.0 - the menu paths and navigational controls disappear then freeze.

      Any suggestions?


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          Marc Santosusso
          While Firefox 5 is not officially supported, it may be worth downloading UPK 11 (the recent successor to UPK 3.6.1), which added support for Firefox 4 to see if you have better results. UPK 11 Tech Specs: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/upk/upk-tech-specs-434459.pdf

          If you would like to enter an enhancement request, please submit a ticket in My Oracle Support (http://support.oracle.com/).

          Best regards,