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    Apex Listener in standalone mode, how to set/reset db connection.

      Sometime ago I installed Apex Listener for testing, then I removed it.
      Now I downloaded last version, installed it in standalone mode and try to set the DB connection.
      However when I try to edit in listenerAdmin page the db connection parameters I can't : they are greyed and report the connection informations I gave in my first test installation.
      How can I change them ?
      How can I avoid all fields in listenerAdmin greyed ?
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          Hello Tullio,

          you can run /listenerConfigure/ only as long as there is no configuration available. The database parameters can only be setup when the APEX Listener is not connected due to the state of its connection pool. Once it is established, you can only configure it offline by editing the apex-config.xml . That's why the parameters are greyed out in /listenerAdmin/.
          You probably only removed the war file of your test installation, but not the apex.home including the apex-config.xml that is stored in there. So your new installation found the old home and reused the connection.
          You could either edit the apex-config.xml or delete the apex.home and rerun /listenerConfigure/
          If you run on a windows system, you'll find the apex.home in your users TEMP, usually located in the temp folder underneath the local settings of your user profile. The directory to locate is now called "apex".