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    Installing Application Express Listener and its requirement

      Dear all,
      I'm in the process of installing Application Express, now in the point of installing the Listener. One of the requirement is having Java Servlet Specification 2.3. I'm find some difficulties in installing the Spec since there is no installation documentation that is easy to find out there. I manage to find the download page of JSR-000154 JavaTM Servlet 2.5 Specification. The download option has 2 choice:
      # If you want to read the specification for evaluation, or to build an application that uses the specification, click download here:
      # If you intend to build an implementation of the specification, click download below:
      I don't know which option should I chose. Could anybody please advice? Why can't I find a clear documentation and download page of the Spec in Oracle website?

      best regards,