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    APEX Error


      I installed the latest version of APEX and APEX listener and configured using the weblogic server. I created the sample gallery, as mentioned in the install document.

      When I try to upload a image file using this application, I get the following error and no images are stored in the database table.

      500 Internal Server Error - Error during evaluation of resource template

      I applied the gallery.css to the gallery page. This displays al lthe icons for the file processed, but when I click on the image file, it displays the error:

      Error     ERR-7620 Could not determine workspace for application ().

      Pl. let know, how to overcome these errors

      Ram B
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          Hi Ram,

          the error you receive hints that you are not accessing the host via APEX Listeners resource template at that moment. Could you post the URL that is related to this failing request and the one you can call the gallery with?